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The BioRoute Product

Biodiesel from BioRoute

  • We supply pure Biodiesel manufactured to the European EN14214 standard by road tanker, the Biodiesel is not pre-blended with Derv.
  • Biodiesel blends readily with Derv as its properties are very similar. (Specification comparison)
  • The benefit of pure Biodiesel is that the operator can decide the blend ratio that is used.
  • The operator can continue to competitively source Derv from preferred suppliers.

Using Biodiesel as a B5 blend

  • Biodiesel as a 5% blend with Derv, referred to as B5 Biodiesel, is now permitted within the EN590 mineral diesel specification across Europe. There are pressures to increase this ratio, but no agreement has been reached as yet.

Using Biodiesel as a B20 Blend

  • In the UK, we recommend that operators consider switching to the B20 grade. This is a blend of 20% Biodiesel with 80% Derv.
  • B20 is the optimum blend for year round performance and represents a good balance between cost savings, emissions, cold weather performance, materials compatibility and cleaning effect.
  • Once blended, B20 may be treated exactly like ordinary Derv, so it is the ideal grade for users new to Biodiesel.
    Ready blended B20 grade now available!

Using pure Biodiesel as B100

  • More experienced operators can convert to higher blend ratios up to B100 (100% pure Biodiesel) when UK summer fuel specifications apply. B100 enables full advantage to be taken of the savings and benefits Biodiesel can bring.

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